About Us

We started up our small, family business in February 2022. Casberi is a local, start-up business in Malta, Europe. Our mission is to give healthy food flavour and show that healthy food does not need to be as boring as it is made out to be! Everything is handmade with our love for all our customers. We produce a large variety of goods including guilt-free balls, delicious snack bars, cakes (including diabetic friendly) nut spreads, and much more!

We are a family of 5, with 3 children named Cassidy, Beppe, and our precious baby girl named Riley. The name ‘Casberi’ is inspired by our children. Our children have a sweet tooth. During lockdown, Nicole started experimenting in the kitchen and found a way to make mouth-watering treats and spreads that are healthy, containing no refined sugars or artificial ingredients. This motivated the kids to eat much healthier and replaced many artificial candies and spreads. Before COVID-19 struck, she was a nurse in the NPICU but deep down, she had a dream to start a small business selling delicious treats.